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Small & Medium Business (1-3 Devices)

Devices that are simple to use and easy to own.

Gyms & Fitness

Easy to use and easy to own devices.

Dusty or Wet Environments

Tough devices with industry leading dust and moisture protection.

Community and Sporting Clubs

Low cost devices that are simple to use by anyone.


Devices with child mode at the push of a button.

Corporate AED Solutions (4+ Devices)

Great devices with options for automated, online monitoring.

The Defib Warehouse Difference - 3 Good Reasons To Buy From Us Call 1300-737-250 to speak to an expert who cares

DEFIBs That Are Better At Saving Lives

HeartRESTART Gold Certification means your DEFIB is clinically better at saving lives & is placed in best location. The confidence of having the best solution.

The Best Training In Market

Our training is built on the latest research in adult learning, is engaging and takes less than 10 minutes. The confidence that your team will use your DEFIB.

Warehouse Prices & A 180-Day Price Match Promise

The best value DEFIB packages in Australia with the option to pay a low upfront or ongoing price. The confidence you have made a good decision.

Why You Need A Defibrillator In Your Business Call 1300-737-250 to speak to an expert who cares

30,000 Australians Die From Cardiac Arrest Each Year

Australian Survival Rates are amongst the worst in the developed world at ~10%.


Fast defibrillation and CPR are proven to lift survival rates significantly.

90 Seconds Walk Away

Is how close you should be to a Defib give you the best chance of living.

What You Get When You Partner With Us Call 1300-737-250 to speak to an expert who cares


The Best Value Solution

– Expert Advice on the Best Device
– Lowest Upfront & Ongoing Prices
– Flexible Payment Options

On Delivery

The Confidence To Save Life

– Device Placement Guidelines
– Defib Set Up Support
– Engaging Training and Communications Collateral


A Partner For 8 Years

– Annual HeartRESTART communications templates
– Proactive maintenance reminders & support
– Post Incident Support (Including Forward Hearts)

HeartRESTART Gold Logo

The Simple 5-Step Process To HeartRESTART Gold Certification


Select the defib that makes it easiest to save the life of the people your care for.


Place your defib in a location that an be easily accessed within 90 seconds.


Deliver your team the simple, short, relevant training and communications we provide.


Once a year, forward your team a short, annual, HeartRESTART reminder campaign.


Once in 4 years change your defib’s battery and pads so it is always HeartRESTART ready.

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