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SAVE A LIFE TOMORROW & CHANGE ONE TODAY. Your DEFIB will change someone’s life in the most amazing way possible one day – It will save their life. But when you buy one of our DEFIBs you ALSO change someone’s life today.

My Dad died years too early as no DEFIB was available. We help leaders like you ensure your team get to see their family again.

When Kerry Packer invested in a DEFIB for every NSW Ambulance they cost $40,000 each. Thankfully accessing a high-quality DEFIB has never been more affordable.


Call 1300-737-250 to speak to an expert now.

Did you know?

  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest kills more Australan’s than all cancers combined. It is the most likely way anyone will doe suddenly
  • Defibrillation within 3 minutes can take survival rates from 10% to as high as 70%
  • Anyone can use a defib. It will give you clear instructions and won’t deliver a shock unless it can help someone
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Three Exceptional Offers For Your Club Get Safe & Get One today

The No.1 Rated DEFIB For Portability & Durability

$2,695.00$2,145.00 or $14.99 / weekSelect options

HeartRESTART Gold Compliance

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No.1 Rated DEFIB for Saving Adults & Children - CR2 Family Friendly

$3,095.00$1,937.00 or $15.99 / weekSelect options

HeartRESTART Gold Compliance

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Budget Conscious

$2,495.00$1,878.00 or $12.99 / weekSelect options

HeartRESTART Silver Compliance

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Simple To Save A Life

Designed specifically for use by minimally trained and untrained users. Any of your team can save a life.

Low Cost & Low Risk

4 year battery & pad life and 8 years of warranty from a premium, trusted & locally represented manufacturer. Peace of mind that you will be well supported.

Small, Light and Robust

Built light and tough to withstand the elements. Your defib can be taken anywhere to save a life, inside or out.

Dust & Water Resilient

A market leading IP56 ingress protection rating (on Heartsine Products), suitable for very dusty and very wet environments


  • I’m glad I went to the DEFIB warehouse. It was important to me to get the best device and the alternatives I looked at were more expensive and lower quality. A good friend of mine’s life was saved by an office defib – I think everyone should have one.

    Antony Asquini – Owner, F45 Lidcolmbe
  • We have a warehouse and office facility and our team’s lives matter. I’d recommend all businesses get a defib and have been very happy with our choice of partner in the DEFIB warehouse.

    David Short -Owner, Shorty’s Liquor
  • We shopped around before making our purchase decision. They were the only supplier who took the time to explain our options and select a device type that met our needs. The other supplier faxed us a quote for 14 devices that were not even fit for purpose.

    Eva Balan, State Director – Microsoft
  • I didn’t have the time to become an expert in defibs. They took the time to explain what’s involved in owning an AED and saving someone’s life. Once we agreed on the best device I did some price checking – I wasn’t disappointed.

    Gerard Boyle, CEO – Mosman Club