HeartSine Samaritan 500P EXCLUSIVE Member Offer

$2,865.00$2,365.00 or $14.99 / week

Make sure someone close to you gets to see their family again with this life-saving DEFIB. Join thousands of leaders who care, in sleeping better at night, knowing they lead an organisation where everyone gets home alive.

Why This DEFIB?

This is the toughest DEFIB in market. It’s the brand that the US Marines use to get their team home alive. With just 20 mins maintenance in 8 years this is the DEFIB you should trust to get your team home alive too.

What’s Included?

  • Best in market, unique CPR feedback that means you don’t have to be a paramedic to provide life-saving, high-quality CPR
  • Fun training that your team will enjoy
  • Bespoke signage that shows you care
  • Avoid the hassles of multiple battery and pad changes. With just one low-cost battery and pad change, this DEFIB has the lowest ongoing cost of ownership in market.

FREE $50 prep pack kit, FREE $80 3D Sign, FREE $50 Wall Bracket

Alarmed Cabinet Upgrade Available:  $150 or $0.79 per week.

Give your team the technology and confidence to save a life today.


FREE $50 prep pack kit, FREE $80 3D Sign, FREE $50 Wall Bracket

Alarmed Cabinet Upgrade Available: $150 or $0.79 per week.

Buy now to give your team the technology and confidence to be life-saving heroes.


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Additional information

Trusted By

NSW Rail, Property Council of Australia, Sydney Airport, US Marines

Seamless Child Mode


CPR Coaching Level

Market Leading – CPR Advisor (Real Time Feedback)

Ingress Protection Rating

56 – Market Leading

Joules Output

200 – Meets Australian Resuscitation Council Minimum Standards

HeartRESTART Compliance Level


Battery Life

4 Years

Pad Life

4 Years


8 Years Manufacturer Warranty

Additional Cost For Replacement Battery and Pads over 8 years

$200 at the end of year 4