Our Training

We have the best training in the market. It is unique, compelling & efficient and is online. We genuinely believe that it is better than implementing a face to face training regime.

Most people liken DEFIB training to that of First Aid. The complication is that First Aid training is fundamentally different to that required for DEFIB familiarisation.

With First Aid training you are taking a motivated subset of employees away for a whole day once a year. With Sudden Cardiac Arrest you simply don’t have time to find a first aider nor can you rely on there being one around. Action needs to happen immediately with whoever is nearby.

So the goal with DEFIB training is to ensure that as close to 100% of your employees know that, trained or not, they can use a DEFIB to save someone’s life – and if a trained first aider is onsite that is a bonus.

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Our Solution Takes A Complete View on Saving Lives And Training Is an Important Part

  1. Provide a device that is so easy to use that it gives even the untrained the best chance at saving a life.
  2. Focus on evolving your team’s belief structure to know that they can and should use a DEFIB to save someone’s life. We do this in less than 12 mins a year
  3. Reinforce this message within your team through a fun & social mechanism that ensures your team’s general expectation is that someone will use the DEFIB to save a life.
  4. Annually, provide industry relevant communications and reminders that reinforce this message and adds confidence to your teams new belief and expectation structure.

Developed With Market Leading Professionals Leveraging The Latest In Adult Learning Research

Our Training has been built by professionals in adult learning. It leverages:

  • Proven communications templates
  • The ability to digest it across multiple device types
  • Social learning and acceptance
  • Belief adaption techniques
  • The opportunity for learners to ‘stumble upon the truth’