Are You Buying The Beetle Or The Porsche?

When I was young (which admittedly was some time back) there was a small rise in popularity of taking a stock standard VW Beetle and amending the body kit to make it look like Porsche. It didn’t perform like a Porsche or sound like it, or in reality look much like one, which I imagine was why the people at Porsche head office let them get away with it. It was all in good fun and no harm was done.

So what does that have to do with AEDs?

While most people could look at a VW dressed like a Porsche and realise it wasn’t  – many couldn’t do the same with an AED. And that would be fine if you weren’t paying top dollar, but in many cases people are paying for the Porsche, but buying the VW. In the comparison below, a device that is being marketed for a top end price doesn’t even deliver to Australian Resuscitation Council Guidelines.

We’ve built a complete AED comparison guide to help ensure that you get what you pay for.