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We understand you don’t have the time to become a DEFIB expert. But wouldn’t it be great if someone did the hard work for you.


The good news is that we have. My Dad died  years too early with no DEFIB available. We believe that if you are making a life-saving investment then you deserve to get a trusted, high-quality product that puts you in the best position to save the life of someone close to you.

If you don’t have time to become a DEFIB expert but want to make a decision with confidence we can help. Simply enter your details below and we will send you an email guide showing how EVERY device compares in Purchase Price, Total Investment Over its Life and Life-Saving Functionality.

Laura bought one of our DEFIBs because her husband had a known heart condition. She had professional training in CPR and how to use the DEFIB. But when her husband went into Cardiac Arrest at a restaurant she wasn’t able to save him…

Did she leave the DEFIB at home? No, it was nearby in her car

Was it not charged? No, the DEFIB was ready to go

Did she crack under pressure? No she retrieved the DEFIB from the car and used it straight away, as it should be

How Laura’s experience panned out is important as it shows you an important  and often overlooked consideration when buying a DEFIB. To learn what happened, if Laura’s husband survived and what her story can teach you about buying the right DEFIB request a copy of our guide today.

Did you know?

  • There are 3 Sneaky Ways Picking the Wrong DEFIB Costs You More
  • Simply Buying From The Wrong Supplier Ends Up Limiting Your Choices
  • It's Possible to Get A DEFIB that's cheaper and Better Simply By Selecting the Right one
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What Our Customers Say

“A DEFIB is a DEFIB right? Or so I thought. I almost spent more money buying a DEFIB that didn’t even meet the Resuscitation Council Standards. It’s an 8 year decision so it’s worth getting it right.” Gerard Boyle – CEO Mosman Club

“I’d met with an ‘expert’ but something didn’t seem right. I’m glad I checked as all 3 products he showed me were average and expensive. The guide makes it easy to spot the duds from the winners.” Kris Merrington – Director Harbord Community Kindergarten

“I was sceptical at first but the comparison guide made our selection easy. I was amazed at the difference in quality and cost of devices.” Chris Hall. CEO Primary Communications